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MD Support Frames

FOR MEDIUM DUTY APPLICATIONS MD Support Frame IDEAL FOR SUPPORTING LARGE CONDENSER UNITS AND AHU’s Our medium duty frame provides extra support for larger ductwork or twin support of dual ducts,multiple cable tray or large pipe supports, large condenser units and AHU’s. Download MD Support Frames Technical Sheet technical Features Cost Effective Lightweight UV & […]
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LD Support Frames

FOR LIGHT DUTY APPLICATIONS LD Support Frame IDEAL FOR CONDENSER FAN UNITS Our light duty support frame is ideal for cable tray, small pipe work and ducting. Download LD Frame Technical Sheet technical Features Cost Effective Lightweight UV & Expansion Resistant Width/Length to suit Ideal For Condenser Fan Units image Gallery Low Level Support Frame […]
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Duct Support H Frames

HF Duct Support H Frame VERSATILE DUCT SUPPORT FRAMEWORK Our duct support frame supports all sizes of duct work and cable trays. Kit available with or without channel, bespoke sizes suitable for multiple applications. Download HF Duct Support H Frame Technical Sheet Introducing our brand new Budget duty H frame kit Available with or without […]
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Low Level Support Frame

for height/planning restricted applications Low Level Support Frame IDEAL FOR APPLICATIONS THAT HAVE HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS This frame is designed to locate directly onto the ld, md, hd and sd support feet. It helps when there is an issue with roof plant equipment heights that may be visible from ground level resulting in potential planning restrictions. […]
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